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The Conservation Volunteers have organised many employee or team outings for businesses around the country. These team days are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to employees and clients that you have a genuine commitment to corporate responsibility, particularly the local environment - whilst also being great fun!

The Team Action Days are hands-on practical conservation days for groups of employees. We aim to provide your employees with a relaxed outdoor experience working as a team, which can help to build team spirit and morale. Cutting down a couple of Cherry Laurel shrubs is a great stress reliever too!

Your employees can be involved in a variety of tasks and projects depending on your wishes and requirements. Examples are planting trees in a local woodland, building a fence or pathway through a local park or cutting down Cherry Laurel and Rhododendron in a nature reserve.

Team Action days can be tailored to meet your business requirements. We cater for groups of all sizes, and offer full and half days outings.

Interested in organising a team day for your company or colleagues? Just get in contact with the branch nearest to you. If no Conservation Volunteer branch exists in your County, please contact the Dublin branch on 01 890 5606.

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